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Shiatsu Massage Chair Full Review (Model-EC06C)

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Welcome to our shelf let’s see what Bartholomew has for us today okay we have the best massage deluxe
massage chair motto BM EC 0-6 C okay so when you order this product you should know that’s going to come in a
pretty big truck on a pallet inside of a big box that may or may not fit through your door the chair is going to come
folded in a box like this and the only tools needed to assemble this chair is a phillips screwdriver and a wrench the
wrench is included all in all this chair has eight pieces that need to be assembled and you don’t have to be mr.
SuperDuper handyman to assemble this chair anybody can do it it’s extremely simple all in all is going to take right
around 20 minutes to assemble it okay so here it is fully assembled dbest massage BM ec0 6e deluxe massage
chair as far as the dimensions and weight it weighs approximately 220 pounds has a width of 32 inches a height of
44 inches and when it’s fully reclined has a length of 72 inches and remember those are approximate dimensions
now this chair supposedly features right around 30 airbags I’m not sure how those airbags are count it

But this is where I found the airbags to be located that one here here here two here two here one here one here one here two here and two here when filled with air this is how they look on the seat you have one here one here and one
down here when filled with air this is how they look on the armrest it feels like you have one down here and two
up here when filled with air this is how they look also when you turn the heat feature on it affects the area right
here here and also right here the bottom of the foot area as far as the extra rollers go they go up and down this
area only and here they are in action now if you’re worried about how noisy the chair is it does make some noises
here are some samples so as you can see they almost sound like Darth Vader breathing now the massage rollers
themselves aren’t that bad they’re actually pretty quiet and mechanical wise this is what’s going on when you take
off the back cover to see the rollers in action okay now I want you to remote itself it looks pretty overwhelming
but it’s actually pretty simple to use to turn it on simply press the red button now four buttons to your right are
your pre programmable modes.

You have overall shoulder back and waist that’s for the area you would like to target and every area pick the type of massage you want fatigue recovery pain relieving or a comfortable move to your left the green buttons to set the time it comes in increments of 10 10 20 and 30 that’s how much time you want the massage to go on for as far as the display itself goes it shows a diagram of a body wherever you see the red dots out in the body that’s the area that’s being worked wherever it’s blinking it that’s the area that’s being worked immediately for so for example as you can see it’s blinking right above our shoulder area our upper back area I mean that area is currently being worked and as you can see the rollers are currently going down so now it’s on our lower back and also as you look if you look at our feet you can see it’s blinking red by our feet meaning our feet and our calves are being worked right now as well the purple button that says intensity that’s to change the intensity of the actual air bags air pressure itself II won is the lowest setting and efore is the highest setting as you can see in the upper left hand corner now when you pop this cover open right here it basically gives you a lot more options to give yourself more of a custom massage and basically you start by pressing a custom button and then from that you can target whatever area the body you want to be massaged.

So for example if you just want the foot done you hit foot if you want the arm and the foot done you turn both of those on and do both those accordingly you can also target which area of the back you want the rollers to be touching you can also change the width of the rollers you can also pick which type of massage you want to roll us to do you have five to choose from as well as turn the heat on or off and those are just some of the extra controls you have in here and now the moment of truth how does this massage chair actually feel and I’m having to report that this massage chair feels like paradise now when the chair is all done it gives off a beat and goes back to its normal position a few other things worth mentioning when the chair is fully reclined this is how it looks also there are two wheels on the bottom of this thing so it need to move it simply push down on it and either push forward or pull backwards most of the fancy lick material you see on this chair is plastic and this is not real love now there are a few problems with this chair and it varies depending on who’s using it one is this one right here sometimes when the roller gets to the lower half of this uh back part right here it tends to hurt the end I guess how bone of your back is because the padding is not that thick so you can either buy some thicker padding from like a carpet store or in my case.

I just use this simple pillow right here and put this right here and this fix the problem for me but again that wasn’t a problem for everybody that used it in fact most people didn’t complain about it they actually liked it so it just
depends on who’s using it also the vibration motor is pretty weak and it’s not adjustable the noises coming from
the chair can be loud and irritating sometimes I find them kind of relaxing so it just depends on who’s using it also
the brand of this chair is pretty unknown so trying to get support for this chair if you have any problems may or
may not be a problem and unfortunately I can’t comment on reliability because I’ve only had this chair for a few
weeks but you can always ask me questions in the comment section down the line whether you’re watching this
video a year or two from now and ask me is it still holding up so it has the more if you want the best massage
deluxe massage chair take care

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