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Types and Methods of Massage

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 Types and Methods of Massage

Active unleash Techniques

Active unleash Techniques (ART) could be a type of deep tissue manipulation proprietary by Dr. P. archangel Leahy within which such that techniques square measure accustomed unleash what square measure plausible to be soft tissue adhesions. The ART course of study additionally includes numerous nerve slide, or flossing, protocols and adjacent muscle interface work.


Acupressure [from Latin acus “needle” (see acuity) + pressure (n.) could be a technique similar in theory to stylostixis. it’s supported the idea of life energy that flows through “meridians” within the body. In treatment, Massage  physical pressure is applied to stylostixis points with the aim of clearing blockages in those meridians. Pressure is also applied by fingers, palm, elbow, toes or with numerous devices. Some medical studies have prompt that treatment is also effective at serving to manage nausea and regurgitation, for serving to lower back pain, tension headaches, abdomen ache, among alternative things, though such studies are found to own a high probability of bias.

Aquatic bodywork

Aquatic bodywork includes a various set of massage and bodywork forms performed in water. This includes land-based forms performed in water (e.g., Aquatic Craniosacral medical care, Aquatic Myofascial unleash Massage medical care, etc.), furthermore as forms specific to heat water pools (e.g., Aquatic Integration, Dolphin Dance, Healing Dance, Jahara technique, WaterDance, Watsu).


In ashiatsu, the professional uses their feet to deliver treatment. The name comes from the japanese, ashi for foot and atsu for pressure. This system Massage generally uses the heel, sesamoid, arch and/or whole region surface of foot, and offers giant compression, tension associated shear forces with less pressure than an elbow, and is good for big muscles, like in thigh, or for long-duration higher trapezius muscle compressions. alternative manual medical care techniques exploitation the feet to produce treatment embody Keralite, Barefoot Lomi Lomi, Chavutti Thirumal.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic Massage referred to as Abhyangam in Sanskrit is one in all the foremost common and vital Ayurvedic therapies. per the Ayurvedic Classics Abhayngam is a very important dincharya (Daily Regimen) that’s required for maintaining a healthy life style. The massage technique used throughout Ayurvedic Massage is understood to stimulate the systema lymphaticum. The Ayurvedic Massage additionally stimulates production of lymphocytes that play a significant role in maintaining the immunity in physical body. therefore regular Ayurvedic Massage will cause higher immunity and additionally facilitate in body de-toxification. the opposite advantages of normal Ayurvedic Massage embody pain relief, reduction of fatigue, interference of ageing and bestowing longevity.

Burmese massage

Known in Burma as Yoe Yar Nhake Nal Chin, that means “traditional massage”, Burmese massage has its ancient origins from Thai, Chinese and Indian drugs. Currently, Burmese massage additionally includes the utilization native natural ingredients like Thanaka, that helps to market sleek skin and prevents sunburn. Burmese massage could be a full body massage technique that starts from head to toes, drawing on stylostixis, reflexology, and kneading. Signature massage strokes embody treatment exploitation the elbows, fast light sound of treatment points, and slow kneading of tight muscles. The massage is aimed to boost blood circulation and quality of sleep, whereas at an equivalent time facilitate to market higher skin quality.

Bio-mechanical stimulation (BMS) massage

Biomechanical stimulation (BMS) could be a term usually used for localised biomechanical oscillation ways, whereby native muscle teams square measure excited directly or via the associated tendons by means that of special hand-held mechanical vibration devices. Biomechanical oscillation medical care and coaching is obtainable in a very style of areas like competitive sports, fitness, rehabilitation, drugs, interference, beauty, and accustomed improve performance of the muscles and to boost coordination and balance. it’s typically utilized in the Myofascial trigger purpose medical care idea to invoke reciprocal-inhibition therapy at intervals the system. helpful effects from this kind of stimulation are found to exist, the Massage efficaciousness of the BMS Matrix medical care was evidenced in associate freelance study. Applied by TÜV-Süd that was commissioned by German health insurance company BKK Gesundheit.

Biodynamic massage

Types and Methods of Massage

Types and Methods of Massage

Biodynamic massage was created by Gerda Boyesen as a part of Biodynamic Psychotherapy. practiced as a complete medical care, it’s a mix of physical and energy work and additionally uses a medical instrument to listen to the activity.

Craniosacral medical care

Craniosacral medical care (CST) could be a light approach that releases tensions deep within the body by applying touching to the os, face, spine, and pelvis.

Erotic Massage

A type of massage that’s drained associate sexy method via the utilization of massage techniques by an individual on another person’s sensitive zones to attain or enhance their sexual excitation or arousal and to attain sexual climax. It was additionally once used for medical functions furthermore for the treatment of feminine hysteria and a sickness known as “womb disease”.

Foot massage

While numerous forms of reflexology connected massage designs target the feet, massage of (usually) the soles of the feet is usually performed strictly for relaxation or recreation. Studies additionally recommend that foot reflexology massage will evoke hormone release, cut back fatigue and Massage promote higher sleep.

Lomilomi and endemic massage of Oceania

Lomilomi is that the ancient massage of Hawaii. As associate endemic observe, it varies by island and by family. The word lomilomi is also used for massage in Samoa and East Futuna. In Samoa, it’s conjointly called lolomi and milimili. In East Futuna, it’s conjointly known as milimili, fakasolosolo, amoamo, lusilusi, kinikini, fai’ua. The Māori decision it romiromi and mirimiri. In Tonga massage is fotofota, tolotolo, and amoamo. In island it’s rumirumi. On Nanumea in Tuvalu, massage is thought as popo, pressure application is kukumi, and warmth application is tutu. Massage has conjointly been documented in Tikopia within the Solomon Islands, in Rarotonga and in Pukapuka in state.

Lymphatic drain

Manual body fluid drain may be a technique accustomed gently work and stimulate the vascular system, to help in reduction of localized swelling. The vascular system may be a network of slow moving vessels within the body that carries cellular waste toward the center, to be filtered and removed. bodily fluid conjointly carries lymphocytes, and alternative system agents. Manual body fluid drain claims to enhance waste removal and immune operate.

Medical massage

Medical Massage may be a polemic term within the massage profession. several use it to explain a particular technique. Others use it to explain a general class of massage and plenty of ways like deep tissue massage, myofascial unleash and triggerpoint medical care moreover as osteopathic techniques, cranial-sacral techniques and plenty of additional will be accustomed work with varied medical conditions. Massage employed in the medical field includes decongestive medical care used for lymphedema which might be employed in conjunction with the treatment of carcinoma. lightweight massage is additionally employed in pain management and palliative care. artery sinus massage is employed to diagnose artery sinus syncope and is usually helpful for differentiating supraventricular arrhythmia (SVT) from cavity arrhythmia. It, just like the valsalva maneuver, may be a medical care for SVT.but, it’s less effective than Massage management of SVT with medications. A 2004 systematic review found single applications of massage medical care “reduced state anxiety, pressure, and pulse rate however not negative mood, immediate assessment of pain, and Cortef level”, whereas “multiple applications reduced delayed assessment of pain”, and located enhancements in anxiety and depression almost like effects of psychotherapy. A later systematic review revealed in 2008 found that there’s very little proof supporting the employment of massage medical care for depression in prime quality studies from irregular controlled trials.

Myofascial unleash

Myofascial unleash refers to the manual massage technique that claims to unleash adhered facia and muscles with the goal of eliminating pain, increasing vary of motion and equilibrioception. Myofascial unleash sometimes involves applying shear compression or tension in varied directions, cross fiber friction or by skin rolling.


Reflexology conjointly called “zone therapy”, is an alternate drugs involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, Massage and hand techniques while not the employment of oil or lotion. it’s supported a pseudoscientific system of zones and reflex areas that supposedly mirror a picture of the body on the feet and hands, with the premise that such work effects a action to the body.


Shiatsu (shi that means finger and atsu that means pressure) may be a kind of medicine consisting of the fingers and palm pressure, stretches, and alternative massage techniques. there’s no convincing knowledge on the market to counsel that G-Jo is a good treatment for any medical condition.

Structural Integration

Structural Integration’s aim is to unwind the strain patterns residing within the body’s myofascial system, restoring it to its natural balance, alignment, length, and ease. this is often accomplished by deep, slow, fascial and myofascial manipulation, plus movement re-education. varied brands of Structural Integration ar Rolfing, Hellerwork, club for Structural Integration, Aston Patterning, Soma, and reaction Myofascial Integration.

Swedish massage

The most well known and normally used class of massage is that the massage. The massage techniques vary from lightweight to vigorous. Massage uses 5 kinds of strokes. The 5 basic strokes ar massage (sliding or gliding), massage (kneading), massage (rhythmic tapping), friction (cross fiber or with the fibers) and vibration/shaking. massage has shown to be useful in reducing pain, joint stiffness, and rising operate in patients with degenerative arthritis of the knee over a amount of eight weeks. the event of massage is commonly inaccurately attributable to Per Henrik Ling, tho’ the Dutch practician Johann Georg Mezger applied the French terms to call the essential strokes. The term “Swedish” massage is truly solely recognized in English and Dutch speaking countries, and in Hungary. Elsewhere the Massage design is spoken as “classic massage”. Clinical studies report that massage will effectively scale back low back pain and therefore the effectiveness will last for as long as fifteen weeks. One study according that massage caused reduction in secretion adrenal cortical steroid indicating its role in management of stress and improvement in mood.

Thai massage

Known in Asian country that means “ancient/traditional massage”, ancient Thai massage (Nuad Boran) is usually supported a mixture of Indian and Chinese traditions of drugs. Thai massage – or Nuat Thai – combines each physical and energetic aspects. it’s a deep, full-body massage progressing from the feet up, and that specialize in subunit or energy lines throughout the body, with the aim of clearing blockages in these lines, and therefore stimulating the flow of blood and humor throughout the body. It attracts on yoga, treatment and reflexology. Thai Massage may be a in style massage medical aid that’s used for management of conditions like contractor pain and fatigue. Thai Massage involves variety of stretching movements that improve body flexibility, joint movement and additionally improve blood circulation throughout the body. In one study scientists found that Thai Massage showed comparable effectiveness because the medication NSAID in reduction of joint pain caused by degenerative arthritis (OA) of the knee.

Traditional Chinese massage

Massage of Chinese medication is thought as associate degree Mo or Qigong Massage, and is that the foundation of Japan’s Anma. classes embrace element Tong associate degree Mo (general massage), Tui Na associate degree Mo (pushing and grasping massage), Dian Xue associate degree Mo (cavity pressing massage), and chi associate degree Mo (energy massage). Tui Na focuses on pushing, stretching, and kneading muscles, and Zhi Ya focuses on pinching and pressing at treatment points. Technique like friction and vibration ar used additionally.

Trigger purpose medical aid

Sometimes confused with point massage, this involves deactivating trigger points which will cause native pain or refer pain and alternative sensations, like headaches, in alternative elements of the body. Manual pressure, vibration, injection, or alternative treatment is applied to those points to alleviate myofascial pain. Trigger points were initial discovered and mapped by Janet G. Travell (President Kennedy’s physician) and David Simons. Trigger points are photomicrographed and measured electrically and in 2007 a paper was conferred showing pictures of Trigger Points Massage mistreatment imaging. These points relate to pathology within the neuromuscular junction, additionally referred to as synapse (NMJ), in muscle, and so this method is completely different from reflexology, treatment and point massage.


Tui Na may be a Chinese manual medical aid technique that features many alternative forms of strokes, aimed to enhance the flow of chi through the meridians.


Watsu, developed by Harold boring at Harbin Hot Springs, California, may be a style of aquatic bodywork performed in near-body-temperature water, and characterised by continuous support by the practician and delicate movement, together with rocking, stretching of limbs, and massage. The technique combines hydropathy floating and immersion with G-Jo and alternative massage techniques. Watsu is employed as a style of aquatic medical aid for deep relaxation and alternative therapeutic intent. Massage connected forms embrace WaterDance, Healing Dance, and Jahara technique

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